• Laptop computers for college
  • Work-appropriate clothing for a new job
  • Removal of orthodontic braces
  • Household necessities for moving into a home
  • Luggage for moving out of foster care


Is a Health Education major at City College of San Francisco and a working mother.

Elexus Hunter

Founder of Tragic is Magic, a scholarship

fund for foster youth.

YOUr Giving in Action - Previous Grants

  • Southern California college tours
  • East Coast college tours
  • Historically Black college tours
  • College dormitory move-in costs
  • Plane tickets to attend college

Meet Our GranTEES

Foster Youth rising IS An All Volunteer Organization

 Foster Youth Rising has no staffing costs. The majority of all donated funds are disbursed directly to youth.

Foster Youth Rising Board Members Presenting Grants to Recipients at the San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program Graduation.

Every year in June, the San Francisco Independent Living Skills program hosts a graduation event attended by foster youth who are emancipating from care. At this event, Foster Youth Rising Board Members publicly present grants to recipients.

Join us in supporting foster youth by participating in one of our fundraising events or by making a direct contribution. We also welcome volunteers to work with the board on event planning, social media, grant writing and youth mentoring. Contact us today!

We believe young adults transitioning from foster care deserve to have the financial and emotional resources needed to build stability and success in their lives. Foster Youth Rising fills gaps in the resources available to these young adults by providing grants and other opportunities in a manner that acknowledges their potential and dignity.

Foster Youth Rising makes grants to foster youth to cover expenses that are not traditionally funded by other sources. Past grants include home move-in costs; transportation to and from college; uninsured medical, dental, and eye care; among others.

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Foster Youth Rising

Foster Youth Rising is an all-volunteer organization that raises funds to cover the unmet needs of foster youth as they emancipate from care and begin their lives as higher education students. Every year, about 200 youth “age out” of San Francisco’s foster care system. By the age of 18, most foster youth begin supporting themselves. By the age of 21, they are expected to be fully independent. But many foster youth find it difficult to make this transition. After leaving care, they suffer rates of unemployment, homelessness, and lack of educational attainment higher than any other group. Friends of ILSP addresses this by providing grants to fulfill their unmet needs.


to Believe in us


US to succeed


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Received her Master's degree in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University.

Funding foster youth success one grant at a time...

Foster Youth Rising